Post Valentines Day

John Mayer, you’ve done it yet again. On behalf of all Torontonians out there, from the bottom of my sometimes empty heart, thank you. Thank you for giving my lady friends something to look forward to and making Valentines Day plans for every male in the city easy as can be. You’re a life saver.

I know there were a handful plus of my gentlemen friends who had no idea what to do/how to plan for their special someones. From romantic restaurants to couples massages, they couldn’t come up with a seemingly satisfactory plan for their lady partner. And who can blame em? Us blonde, bronzed, twentysomethings have the most unreasonable of expectations. Eg: ‘How about we go to Chanel and check out the purses.’ Or there’s the ‘Tiffany’s is open on Sunday’s now baby, why don’t we go in there?’

So we wish and we fantasize about what Valentines Day means to us, but while we are flirting with disaster, we are truly setting up the man in our lives to disappoint. This unfair precedent is the very reason why the men in Toronto fear the day of love. That was, up until John-fuckin-Mayer released his concert listing.

So I didn’t go to the concert, but I was offered tickets which I kindly rejected. However, all my coupled up girlfriends did in fact go to the show and I can’t help but appreciate how brilliant this concert was. You hear more so than not that women tend to set the bar high and are often disappointed on Valentines day when their partners fail to meet their over-the-top expectations. With a crooner like JM and all his celebrity/paparazzi/Perez Hilton coverage to boot, girls go gaga for this romanticish, sometimes out spoken, single songwriter. So when your man tells you he’s taking you to the show, I can guarantee you think he’s as sweet as can be and he definitely gets points.

Now down to why I said no, down to my rejection: Valentines day is a day for lovingness and one-on-one time and a time to embrace your partner. So yes, I suppose listening to John Mayer sing his little heart out could’ve been sweet, and sure me and my date could’ve swayed back and forth to the tunes pseudo-lovingly projected on us all, but I chose against it to have a more intimate Valentines day. But I tales of love were expressed to me following the sold-out show. As I was busy sitting at dinner eating my meal, my women friends were at the concert eating it up.

The thing is John Mayer, no one went home on February 14th feeling let down or feeling like a cheap date after your show. Instead, my friend (if I may call you that, John), people were impressed and enamoured by you. And no, I’m not just referring to us blonde, bronzed, twentysomethings out there.


– Jenny Jen


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