The Bachelor

Every Monday I get ready to tune in to trashy television. Television that seems comparable to the trashy tabloids I simply can’t resist. The show that takes up two precious hours every Monday, is none other then ‘The Bachelor’. Oh, why do I love it so? Well for starters, I bet it comes as no surprise, but I secretly always wanted to star on this hit TV show. When else would it be ok to date 25 different men? When else would I get to go on elaborate and over-the-top dates that are so unrealistic they are almost sexy in themselves? Maybe it’s cocky, call it what you will, but I always thought I’d make for good TV.

I’ve taken some time to think what my audition tape would look like. I thought it would be great to talk to loves lost, and former flames and get their take on why they think I’d be the best bachelorette. Needless to say, I think we’d hear many interesting stories and I sorta, kinda have a feeling that these former flames to which I’ve referred to would just love a chance to get into the inner works of my keep-you-on-your-toes mind (via voiceovers but of course).

I love the notion of dating. This idea that if you hang out with different people, go on different dates and get to know one another, you can eventually – through trial and error – find your mate. Though I’ve had a couple of long term relationships, I’ve never shied away from the dating process once the former has run its course. And my experiences have been quite memorable to say the least. Being a writer and all, I’d love to write a twentysomething dating memoir to share all the various types of men and various situations that have come my way. Can we say ‘page turner’ much? It is so interesting to just be you, and the you that you are is considered unique and exclusive to others.

I’ve been told by dating partners that I’m mysterious. I’ve also been told I have this ‘je ne sais quoi’. Having said that, I have no idea what they mean, since I’m just being me. I watch Jake, the current bachelor on the show who is down to his four final femme fatales, and I wonder, are other women who used to date Jake watching, suddenly learning how he operates? And who is right for him now? Oh the ways’ of proximity. This idea that if we put 25 people of one sex in a room opposite of one good-looking and charming person of the opposite sex, then love will be found and love will be had.

Don’t get me wrong, though I love the show and am whole heartedly entertained, there are absolutely times where I need to look away from the screen out of sheer embarassment for the girls vying for Jake’s attention. At times the show seems as desperate as the girls hoping to find love and their happily ever after in mere weeks, but yet again, we all love a good love story.

This current season is about the nice guy and flirts with the cliche ‘Do nice guys finish last?’ Well they may just so happen to finish last, they may not, but either way, this season is a tad less exhilarating then seasons past. At the end of the day, we turn on our TV to learn tricks of the dating trade and be entertained. This show needs an edgy, confident woman that – though she is looking to find her One – she can still have fun, be herself and push the envelope.

– Jenny Jen


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