The Blo-Dry Bar

You know those days where your hair just doesn’t do it for you? And though you blow dry it, while attempted to work your round brush, it just never looks the way it did when it leaves your ‘be all and end all’ salon. Well, on behalf of you blonde, bronzed, twentysomethings out there, I feel your pain. Day in and day out, on my car ride home, I always pass a cute looking Blo Bar and as I drive by I always think of how brilliant and convenient this place ‘Ritual 2’ is, if for any reason I need it for a post-work affair.

Blo Bar = the newest and hottest trend to hit the city. Strut your blonde, hot ass into one of these spiffy little joints and walk out a mere thirty minutes later with your hair in a ‘do’ of perfection. Where they blow-dry up your heavily highlighted hair just the way you want it, and you walk out feeling like the hottest thing; And let’s admit it, you haven’t felt this fierce since the first time you did Carmen Electra’s strip aerobic’s video.

Well tonight my friends, I just so happened to have a post-work affair. And though it was just a dinner, I thought I’d treat myself to a Blo (don’t our boys wish they could say the same?), and I finally decided to try it for my first time. I walked into the inviting glass door, and was greeted by the charming owner. This is the first time I think in life where I didn’t have a scheduled appointment. Where I just walked in without following the instructed agenda in my Louis Vuitton daily pocket calendar. The owner was inviting and was able to give me an appointment which I was informed I only needed to wait for for but a few minutes.

White, plush, leather couches sat in the waiting room and I couldn’t wait to sit my hard-working, heel-wearing self on them after such a long day at the office. I was offered a refreshment (water with fresh grapefruit or coffee) and a sweet little nothing (fresh pastry, anyone?) but passed on the overly-aggressive calories to make way for my Thursday night dinner to be. The owner took my Prada parka with pride as I sat on the dreamy couches and winded down from my day.

As I sat there, I couldn’t help but peruse the binded book in front of me, which had a page for each type of style ones hair can be blown dry – offering images of our favourite celebs whose hair matches the style of choice:

– The Basic Blow Out
– BedHead
– Diffuse the Situation
– The Straight and Narrow
– Big, Bold and Beautifulbedhead

As I finshed flipping through the short-but-sweet booklet, I was approached by my hair stylist, Michelle. We had a quick discussion about what I was looking for in a blow, and she then led me to the washing area, once we agreed we were on the same page. I sat down in an I-don’t-want-to-ever-get-up chair, and I let my hair down (mind the pun). Michelle gave my head a good massage, while scrubbing it with the most I-don’t-ever-want-to-stop-sniffing sensational smelling shampoo. And then when she finished, I just didn’t want to remove myself from the comfort that was that chair. Boy, did I ever feel like an addict. High on comfort and prestige.

Michelle (aka: the fairy godmother of hair) who had just provided me with the most luxurious head scrub known to man, used her hair-brush-of-a-wand and worked her magic. As the clock struck 7, her masterpiece was created, and confidence was granted. I walked to the front counter, only to find out not a copper bill, nor a pink bill was needed. In fact, this session of hot hair euphoria only costed $30, a price that made me feel I was ripping them off.

So why do a mid-week blow? Well aside from the fact that our golden locks have the tendency to go so ridiculously limp in the snowy, frigid weather, this affordable, feel good quickie of a style allows us to feel well groomed, maintained and may just turn a few heads. With the option of sex kitten bed head, vavavoom voluptuous, simple and sleek, defused, amongst others – you can pinpoint your mid-week look of choice.

I look back at my earlier eve and reminisce about the Blo Bar. A place that was just as pink as my bedroom. A place that has all these sweet-little-nothing candies lurking around you (cinnamon hearts and conversation heart candies that so get you into a lovey-dovey/girly-girly mode. I walked in but another blonde, bronzed, twentysomething, and a mere thirty minutes later I walked out a blonde, bronzed, turning-heads, twentysomething. Yet another blonde, bombshell ready to embark yet another night on the town.

Ashlee Simpson wears her hair Sleek and Narrow

Angelina Jolie sporting BedHead at its finest

– Jenny Jen


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