Who Wears What and Why?

Pop a bag of that fat-free (faux) butter popcorn, throw on some comfy-yet-girly clothing and settle up in front of your flat screen and watch your way through award season. Award season: the opportunity for us blonde, bronzed, twentysomethings to watch celebs strut up and down the red carpet as we sit and judge. And boy do we ever judge.

As I sit in front of my screen and dip my hand in the popcorn bowl, I give a full body look down to the actresses that grace my screen. Some I envy and wish I had a ball-type event to go to so I could pull such a ridiculously insane dress off, but other times I sit there wondering ‘what was she thinking?’

One things’ for sure, we don’t need award season to judge other women’s outfits. Whether at the club, in the office or at a morning-after local breakfast joint, we are always giving women the expected look down with our taunting, judging eyes. With an outfit comes a stereotype. Specific looks invite our creative little minds to come up with the following thoughts:

– omg wtf am i not wearing that outfit? i die!
– cute: what a little muffin, that girl looks like a sweetheart
– trampy: enough said
– goody goody: take off a layer girl! loosen up
– trashy: at least I won’t wake up in a frat house after taking them all home
– wealthy: that bitch
– label whore: i envy her, wow, those shoes, but label whore
– chic: if I were twenty years older (and married to the president), i’d so wear that
– sophisticated: that’s what our thirties are for
– cheap skate: we all know that itty bitty glitzy dress is from Forever 21, honey
– the re-wearer: um, did I not see your bff wear that in her most recent Facebook album (posted last weekend)?
– the flirt: tasteful. She shows what she’s got but doesn’t overdue it. We always back the flirt.
– the girl who is in the same outfit as you: kill me. ok fine, kill her first. how dare she.

It’s common place for us to make such snap judgements on others based on their outfit of choice. It’s no wonder many people out there have someone they don’t like, based on a preconceived notion. You know the saying ‘Don’t shoot the messenger’. I think this applies regarding this topic. We make assumptions that have no basis. And let’s not kid ourselves, as we look back through old photos when we thought we were the shit, it’s sort of an embarassment how we actually looked. Let’s give a girl some credit here ladies.

A girl goes out in a tiny little backless black take-me-home dress. Instead of judging, embrace her for her courageous confidence and ‘I don’t care who’s looking (but I really do)’ attitude. Weren’t you her once in her shoes? Ok maybe not those YSL knockoffs (does it say SLY on it?) but you get where I’m going with this.

The chic dresser may be a rocker in disguise. The cutesy could be naughty behind closed doors. We judge other women’s outfits as if it were our jobs, but lets all go a little easy. A woman tends to wear out an outfit that provides her with a specific state of mind over an actual look. Let lady work that attitude! And instead of spending time focussing on her assumed faux-pas, spend that energy on your beautiful self!

Here’s a look at my fave dresses from last night:

– Jenny Jen


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