Piercing Periodical

Do you know someone who has a piercing you know where? I love that I type you know where and as you read it, you come up with a kinky, naughty little area where you envision said piercing. So? Where did you picture it?

Well I used to have a piercing you know where (clue: above the neck but not as tame as you’d think), and I have a very close friend who has a piercing you know where (clue: below the waist, not as tame as you’d hope) and then I have a combination of friends who have them in other more eclectic places in-between.

Common ‘OMG you did what?’ responses you get for the following piercings:

– tongue
– nipple(s)
– lip
– labret
– very private parts for her
– very private parts for him

Have you ever had any of the above piercings? If so, what encouraged you to get them? What encouraged you to get rid of them? Are you guilty of judging someone due to a particular peculiar piercing you’d never even dream of getting in your most wildest fantasies?

Back in my pre-twentysomething days, little young and naive me decided to get my tongue pierced. I had a day off at summer camp and all the kids were getting nose rings on their days off. I wanted to conform (isn’t that what are teens were all about?) but since I longed for a future career in Broadcast Journalism, I knew I couldn’t ruin my pretty-little-face. After all, the after math of an ill-devised decision is a hole or scar to last a lifetime.

Jenny Jen with her tongue piercing way back when

With the justification in my head, I confidently headed with one of my best guy friends about an hours’ drive away to a CD store I heard about up north that is known for doing the back room pierce. I knew someone, who knew someone….an urban legend kind of tale…that made me find comfort in the – what sounds like a sketchy – situation. I got an adorable diamond-looking bar (oxymoron much?) pierced through my once-innocent tongue. Unfortunitely, my first dinner back home from camp when I was still in the midst of ‘hiding it from my parents’ stages, I accidently swallowed that diamond piercing, a classic case of the ball not being screwed in enough. Boy did I ever pray to not have any x-rays anytime soon…

So I troubleshooted the original piercing malfunction, and as time grew on I became fluent in the tongue pierce This piercing became so common place that I totally forgot it was there until six years later. It wasn’t until I started dating my then boyfriend, that I even thought about removing it. But that’s the thing about mama’s boys – he knew it was time to bring me home to meet the parents (awww) and thought just maybe it would go over mildly better if I removed that piece of wild decision-making from my mouth. That and the hour plus lecture from both of his Dr. parentals.

You know what they say about a girl with a tongue ring. But what about boys? I definitely knew and/or dated a few guys back in my day that had tongue piercings but they seem to be long gone now. Fad dismissed? With age comes maturity. That goes for all piercings in my humble opinion. Sure belly button rings and nose rings were all the rage before we reached our twentysomethings but now most of us have but a scar to show for it. I remember a day in age where girls would rant and rave about a boy who knew how to play with her piercings. Truth is these days, the women who still think that, aren’t the kind of girls who share those stories, since their piercings are hidden in a very, secure, secretive, and so to say seductive kind of place.

Some have a fetish for piercings, others just caught on to a craze we call ‘experimentation’. Either way, piercings on different parts have had their ups and downs in the trends category.

Here is a compilation of some of our favourite pierced former and present celebs:

Hope I haven’t encouraged any spontaneous decisions you naughty little readers you!

– Jenny Jen

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