Little Girl in the Big City

It’s as if I forgot that I write a dailyish blog. Sorry all you blonde, bronzed, twentysomethings out there, but while you were nursing your hang over and constantly refreshing your Facebook homepage in hopes for some online action, I was in the process of moving into an apartment downtown. And it feels so good to say that I’ve finally made it. I’m sitting on my cushioned bed in my new to-be-painted room and I’m sorta, kinda liking it.

It’s refreshing to live in a new environment, and it helps that I live in one of the best areas for the greatest food in the city. My meals this week have been above par to say the least. Last night after moving in my beloved wardrobe on one of the coldest days this city had to offer, I decided to put on a cropped blazer, a mini, and killer shoes and head over to another savoury meal of food. And fine, while I was there I just so happened to stumble upon a bottle of vino and a cheese plate, but that was definitely not pre-planned. No. The great part about enjoying more than my share of wine with my meal, is that I was able to walk home in a shorter amount of time it would have taken to call a cab. I kid not. How cool?

So here I sit pretty content with all that I’ve got accomplished in the past few days. And I get by with a little help from my friends. It’s so amazing how willing my friends were to come lend a strong, heroic-like hand to help me pave my way. And who knew men were so strong? I watched on admirably and am so appreciative.

There is just one tiny, little final touch that needs to be completed sooner rather than later. My walls. They are so un-Jenny Jen it’s not even funny. I’ve got a tin of primer and a tin of my chosen colour sitting next to me and I cannot wait to paint the town. Hello Barbie pink, goodbye phsych-ward-lockdown-room white.

With my new place comes a beneficial asset; a roommate. My roommate acts as a dj, a second half, constant company, and a helping hand. Plus he brings a new crew of people here constantly (yes, you heard me right. He) I’m not one to complain about easy-on-the-eye men sitting on my couches, drinking my beer. Fine, not my beer. Beer I purposely bought with the very intention of hostessing up a storm to my guests. My male guests.

Are you considering moving out? Tempted to move in with a roomie? I’ve composed a David Lettermanesque top ten list as to why you should move in with a male roommate.

10) He takes out the garbage. That’s right. He’s the man and he wants to show it. ‘Honey – allow me’ he says as he juggles 4 garbage bags down the stairs. ‘My hero’ you think as you sit on your fit-ass without having to ruin a nail.
9) Able to open jars and cans on demand. How convenient.
8) Brings cute boys to the apartment. Enough said.
7) I can bring cute boys back to the apartment without fear that my boy will wake up in my roomies room the next morning (Or does that only happen in the horror story section of Cosmopolitan magazine?)
6) Free washroom. There’s a reason why the lineup is always longer in women’s washrooms then men’s (unless you are at a Baseball/hockey/football/soccer game/strip club). Hello shower, mirror, hair straightener and all the other secretive and intriguing stuff us blondes do in the washroom. This haven is all yours sister.
5)Always has your back. There’s nothing like knowing a man is in the next room, on call if anything happens. Like a random sketchy person coming to the door. Let the man deal with that. Or freaking out over hearing a sound. He’ll protect you. (No, my roommate is not Batman, Spiderman or Superman but pretty damn close my friends.)
4) Privacy. Boys aren’t gossipers. There’s this no-questions-asked feel. An indifference so to say. No who-just-called you’s, and who-was-just-over here’s.
3) Honesty. Before you head out for a date, he can give you a guys overly-honest opinion on what your outfit says and what to most definitely change.
2) Wake up with a surprise guest in your bed (what did I do last night?) In walks your knight and shining armour of a roomie to storm in and play the role of the jealous boyfriend. Peace out remnants of last night. Hello grade 9 drama skills being put to good use (a la Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass in the first episode of this seasons Gossip Girl.)
1) Your clothes, purses and jewellery don’t go randomly missing. Let’s face it, this little sucker is not trying to borrow your newest fendi and fitted Lulu Lemons, but instead you have the option of bundling up in his oversized oh-so-comfy winterized hoodys.

If only someone sent a memo to Ernie and Bert.

– Jenny Jen


2 thoughts on “Little Girl in the Big City

  1. WOW!You make me sound so good. I should hire you to do all my publicity.Make sure all your female friends read this and know it's me you're talking about =)

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