Are you Ready for New Years Eve?

So, are you ready for New Years Eve? Do you have the following:

– plans (including pre plans, main event plans and, post-plans)
– a fully charged camera and Blackberry
– a good outfit (yes, we all know even you cottage goers still plan a good sweater/leggings/uggs look – trying to perfect that I’m-not-trying-but-I-really-am look to a tee)
– enough money in your wallet to provide for cabs, and copious amounts of alcohol
– a back up Visa/Debit card in case you run out of the above
– someone to kiss at midnight (no, your mom and dad’s cheeks do not count!)
– someone to call and send your love to just after midnight
– a water bottle next to your bed (a jug will work too)

Welcome to the last day of 2009. A day where we look forward to new beginnings and reflect on the past. Where we look at the us on this day last year, and compare it to the current us, looking for evident changes a year in the making. Where were you on this day last year? Not literally, but in life. Were you happy or sad? Were you loved or broken hearted? Were you anticipating a future that has since shattered, or did you have a successful year? Did you conquer any fears? Complete any goals?

The thing I love about the last day of the year, is the reflection that takes part in my head throughout the course of the day. And then knowingness that 2009 was an amazing year. True to the twentysomething nature I did the typical soul searching and finding and as it comes to an end, I couldn’t be more happy and proud of where I am at.

If you have the day off and aren’t too busy preparing for your evening, I have a couple New Years movie rentals for you to rent to get in the mood:

– 200 Cigarettes – one of my all time favourite films. The premise of the film is that a woman is throwing a New Years party and is worried no one will show up. We are taken through various storylines on various twentysomethings figuring out their New Years plans and trying to arrange the best night out for themselves. This all star cast includes Kate Hudson, Ben Affleck, Paul Rudd, Christina Ricci, Jay Mohn, Courtney Love, Gaby Hoffman and many others. The ending is genious and all the stories tie together perfectly. There are so many different storylines that there is definitely a character you can relate to. This movie makes us see that everyone has the same feelings about New Years – and makes us feel not alone.

– When Harry Met Sally – The New Years countdown scene in this classic movie is the thing romance is made of. As the countdown begins, Harry and Sally reunite just in time for him to declares his love to her. My heart never fails to melt each time I see this scene.

– Sex and the City The Movie – After Big leaves Carrie at the alter, and Steve cheats on Miranda, these women are left to spend New Years on their lonesome. But as midnight rolls around, Carrie gets out of bed and heads over to get to Miranda with ten seconds to go in the countdown. Friendship at its finest. We also see how the other characters celebrate it in a montage, one that rings near and dear to many of us.

Wishing my fellow blonde, bronzed, twentysomethings a very blonde new years. Enjoy each moment.

– Jenny Jen


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