I’m a Carrie

Sex and the City. This show, ladies, is like what the bible is for Christians, what working out is to fitness freaks, what not missing a Leaf game is like to a diehard Toronto Maple Leafs fan. It is an epic show us women swear by. The great thing about this show, is there are four very different lead characters. Each character is so polar opposite, that women everywhere have one they can relate to and identify with. This identification allows us to relate to the situations these character’s face (and boy, do they face many!) and act as a guide about what we should do when faced in a similar situation.

The characters: There’s a fairy-tale/fantasy ridden/sophisticated optimist, a hard-working/feminist/pessimist, a lifes-too-short lets live in the moment and give in to temptation vixen, and there is a fun-spirited/emotional/could be single – could be in a long-term relationship fierce woman. Which one are you?

Not only do I have all six seasons on DVD (and the film), but I also tend to catch episodes on my flatscreen as well, way too often. For some reason, this show (like Seinfeld and Friends) seems to always be on. I’ve always had this wierd, fate-like theory about the show; before I turn on my TV to find the show on, I always think that whichever episode is currently playing is meant for me to see that day. It’s meant to teach me something I need to know, to pave my path so to say.

The episodes never fail. I’ve gone through break ups only to find Carrie and Big on and off again. I’ve had days where I’ve done the whole drunk dial thing, only to see Carrie doing the same. From Shortcomings, to The Games People Play, to Take me out to the Ballgame – all these episodes have a story that I’ve already been the author of in my own life. Watching them played out by four very-well dressed, mature women, makes these situations understandably commonplace and a further comfort is developed on my end.

The twentysomethings have been labeled by many wise elders as a time where you really ‘find yourself’. Which makes it perfectly understandable that we watch all these shows and films, looking for someone to identify with to further understand ourselves. Which Friends character are you? Who is your favourite Gossip Girl, Serena or Blair? We pick favourites and try so hard to give meaning to our own lives. It’s an interesting phenomena, yet we all fall prey to it.

As I sit at the all-wooden modish table in a dimly-lit brunch hot spot in the city with two close girlfriends, one shares her latest sexcapade with us, looking at us for advice and direction. I clear my throat as I say ‘The Monogamist.’ ‘What?’ my friend asks in both an intrigued and confused tone. ‘The Monogamist,’ I repeat, getting excited now to explain myself. But before I do, the third party interrupts me saying, ‘You know, when Carrie is unsettled that Big and her aren’t exclusive and can’t handle it.’ I loved it. It was in that moment that I realized us women are all the same. We relate most of our advice to a Sex and the City episode. Do you catch yourself and your girlfriends doing the same? Quoting the fab four like there’s no tomorrow?

You my friends are a part of what I like to call The Sex and the City spell. And what a fine spell it is. Who needs Cosmopolitan magazines, ‘He’s Just not that Into you’ books and a therapist when you have 94 episodes at your fingertips?

– Jenny Jen


One thought on “I’m a Carrie

  1. hahahah I am EXACTLY like you when it comes to SATC. I'm full-out addicted, and constantly relate the girls' lives to my own life/friends life. Sometimes I think they are my friends and try to tell a story, "That time…" and realize it didn't really happen haha. . I'm also DEFINITELY a Carrie. 100%

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