If We’re Gonna Have a Cat Fight, We Should at Least be Wearing a Cat suit!

Merry fucking Christmas. I awoke way too early this morning and no, not in anticipation of the presents santa left under my chimney, but fully in response to my sugar free Red Bull addiction that I gave into last night. As I awoke, I replayed last night in my head and actually laughed out loud.

That Girl. We all know ‘that girl’. You know, that girl who hates you because she thinks you stole her knight and shining armour? That Girl who thought she had it all, until evil you walked in and dashed her hopes and dreams (when really she was never even with the guy to begin with, and the guy is happy her over-consuming obsession has been put to a halt because she now has other ways to direct her angry energy). I think all us blonde, bronzed, twentysomethings have met That Girl at least once in our lives.

You know that song ‘Boyfriend’ by Ashlee Simpson? Well basically that song was written by Ashlee towards Lindsay Lohan. Ashlee briefly dated Lindsay Lohan’s ex, Wilmer Valderrama (also known as ‘Fez’ on That 70’s Show). And Lindsay Lohan – queen of all things drama – was going around back talking Ashlee, saying she stole her boyfriend, when in fact their relationship was so obviously over before Ashlee came in the picture. Though Ashlee’s publicity team denies that ‘Boyfriend’ is about Lilo, it’s a well known fact where it stems from, and is a song we all know way too well. It’s this idea that there’s always a girl out there who thinks you stole her boyfriend. Feel free to replace the word boyfriend with guy she’s dating, fuck buddy, former flame, guy she’s crushing on…I think you follow.

Here’s the first part of the chorus:

Hey, how long till the music drowns you out?
Don’t put words up in my mouth,
I didn’t steal your boyfriend,
Hey, how long till you face what’s going on?
Cause you really got it wrong,
I didn’t steal your boyfriend,
Hey, how long till you look at your own life,
Instead of looking into mine,
I didn’t steal your boyfriend,
Hey, how long till you’re leaving me alone,
Don’t you got somewhere to go?
I didn’t steal your boyfriend

Not only do you need to deal with girl-who-should-move-forward-with-her-life, but you also have to deal with her friends dirty looks at bars and clubs alike (though at times they may pull you aside and admit to you how embarrassed they are with their friends behaviour and that they are on your side. And yes, that has happened. Poor girl). How fun. The thing about That Girl, is what she never realizes is the so-called replacements’ happiness.

Life is too short to look back on what was’s and what-could-have-beens. While you are dancing up a storm and having a fabulous time, with your fabulous girlfriends (who would never go up to her and tell her they are on her side – loyalty much?) she is busy being the misery of her own company, writing stories in her head placing you in the role of the antagonist. Little does That Girl know that you are happy. You’re content with your life and don’t think twice about her (except when she intentionally spills her drink on your friends, gives you the evil eye, and aggressively pushes past you almost knocking you over every time she walks by.) That Girl always tends to make a point to hit on guys in your presence and goes so far as to bed him that night ‘look what I can get!’ she says to herself as she very obviously attempts to flirt her way to happiness.

Happiness comes from within ladies. Guys won’t fill that void. It’s so important for us all to live in reality and live in the moment. Appreciate what we have, accept what we have lost, and move forward with good intentions and a hope that our future will be bright and will pan out how it should. Us women often force situations to be, in order for us to live out what we have imagined and projected in our overly-active imaginations. It’s so easy for us to fall prey to this behaviour, but we need to realize that these are solely fantasies and sometimes things aren’t meant to be. Acceptance is a powerful gift. Once we accept, we live.

For more on the Lohan/Simpson feud, check out this link: http://www.buzzle.com/editorials/6-8-2005-71268.asp


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