A Night for Festive Festivities

It’s 8:30pm on December 24th. The ‘Rent’ lover inside of me so wishes it was 9pm (Eastern Standard Time) to make a reference, but that will be left for me to note in my cab ride downtown. My Christmas Eve dinner with the fam is out of the way, and it’s time to get ready for the night.

I’ve been in front of my mirror trying on outfits for my night out, just like they do in the movies. With a musical track playing in the background, there has been a montage of me in different outfits in front of the mirror, as I sing along to the tunes in the background. I give myself the full look down, and move onto the next. It’s interesting this process us women go through to get ready for a night out, mainly because we pretty much know the whole time what we want to wear already. So basically it’s a great way to distract ourselves for a half-hour or so, and prolong the inevitable. Tonight though, I have an excuse for this show I’m putting on for myself. My gut tells me my outfit of choice is too risque, so I’m trying on other outfits from my new collection (I accidentally found myself in a mall today and left with a lighter wallet and a fuller wardrobe). In any case, if you know me well enough you likley know i’m gonna just do it anyways.

It’s the most adorable/naughty hot pink little santa skirt with a matching hot pink naughty little santa hat from Victoria’s Secret. Now before you go judging, please not that I will be wearing it on top of leggings, and will be wearing a fully covered top as well. The holidays are a perfect opportunity to be ballsy and have some fun, and since I’m in the same area code as usual, I figured I may as well do just that.

Wishing you all a happy holidays, a safe and ridiculously fun night of partying, and will be sure to put up some pictures for you tomorrow (or late tonight when I put the low-fat chocolate chip cookie with skim milk out for santa.

Hope you are all being more naughty than nice this Christmas.

– Jenny Jen

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