Ho’s before Bro’s?

Alas, the weekend has arrived. The weekend is admired by us twentysomethings alike. Looking for a good time/a time to unwind/a time when time isn’t relevant. I breath in deeply and slowly, taking it in whole heartedly. I’ve traded in my typical jazz beats (if you can even call them that) for the tap-my-pedicured-feet party tunes playing from my Rogers cable box on my flat screen. Gotta love the ‘Galaxie Maximum Party’ station. Currently gracing the presence of my ears is ‘Mony Mony’ by Billy Idol, a song we all rarely refer to by that title. My fingers excitedly type to the beat as my pre-emptive mind excitedly plans what lies ahead for the weekend. I know four of the planning w’s (what, where, why, when), but it’s the fifth w that’s got me a little apprehensive and that’s the Who, capital W. Do I go for the always-a-pleasure girls night out, or do I start to bring boys into the plan?

Girls vs. Boys
Ho’s vs. Bros
Chicks vs. Dicks

Call it what you will, the debate is tough nonetheless. Sure it’s great to tear it up on the dance floor with your closest girlfriends, but us blondes love a good party and who can resist a little post-midnight dance floor grind? Once you invite a plus one into your plans though (and his friends on top of that), the dynamics completely change. So when do you call it a girls night out, and stay strong with that title opting to see your boy of choice (likely when the rest of the world is grabbing late night food), and when do you open up the door to have your boy and his buddies join in on the fun?

Pro’s of a No-Boys-Allowed Night:

– you can play with fire, and not get burned
– boy talk/gossiping is in full effect and no one needs to be cautious of what they say
– you can criticize/admire other girls outfits
– dance without judgement
– drink without having to function come nights end
– no restrictions
– no babysitting
– you can dress in a provocative manner without offending anyone
– you can talk about things like what you ate that day, how long it took you to get ready, and who Lindsay Lohan is rumoured to be sleeping with that current week
– you can party all night long, not nervous to see the person come ‘lights up’ after last call
– you have a selection of people to go to the washroom with
– if you run out of lipgloss/eyeliner/tampons, there she is (or they are)
– you don’t feel like you’re being watched/monitored

Cons of a No-Boys-Allowed Night

– no knowledge of where the end of your night will lead/how you’ll get home
– no special someone to dance with when all your girls (and there tongues) disappear with other men
– no one’s mouth to disappear your tongue into
– end up spending the night Blackberry messaging/texting/sexting him anyways he may as well be there
– creeps end up hitting on you and you can’t fake an ‘I’m here with my boyfriend’
– having to answer the ‘so where is so and so’ question
– you lose that laid back it-doesn’t-matter-when-we-make-it-to-the-bar feel because the guy you’re going to see is already with you
– no one’s coat to wear while you wait for a cab (you didn’t bring one, again, because it would ruin your outfit)

Basics of what goes on during a just girls/or a bring a boy night out:

With girls you dance like no ones watching, with boys, there always is someone watching; an ex-girlfriend/ex-fling/ex-jealous chick somewhere growing a hatred for you all because her luck ran dry and yours is running hot. There’s nothing like a group of girls giving you the dirty eye solely because they are living in the past.

With girls you can take back shots, with boys, they buy you shots and expect you to take them down in return. Either way you end up with shots, a shot is a shot is a shot. You win some, you lose some but eventually there is a guy out there whose pseudo-pleasantry will get shut down.

With girls you don’t have to wait in any form of a lineup, not do you ever need to pay cover (we are blonde, bronzed, twentysomethings afterall), with boys, not only are you waiting in line but they might not even let him in because brother is wearing sneakers and a baseball cap and not only are you paying cover but your male sidekick likely handed the bouncer a twenty to get that velvet red rope pushed aside for your combo entrance.

With girls you have company for the washroom, with boys, you ask them to come to the washroom because you want company and they end up labelling you a tease if you don’t bring them in with you.

With girls you can take a mass amount of made-for-Facebook photographs without being criticized, with boys, you have them wearing ‘No Photo’s’ t-shirts and saying ‘don’t facebook me’ even though they tag themselves sloppy once the pictures hit everyones favourite social network.

With girls you can throw around drunken promises and they go unremembered, with boys, they hold you to it when you get home from the bar.

Joining Forces

I love going out for a night on the town with the boys’ in my life and their buddies. It’s always comforting being included and knowing I made the cut. I have a great time going out with the boys and I especially have the best time when an offer is extended my way to invite my closest girls to come along. There’s nothing like combining two seperate groups of friends. Those make for some of my funnest nights. Sure I look out for my girls and I’d never leave them high and dry. But with us being twentysomethings and juggling jobs during the work-week, it’s a great opportunity to get on out and mingle with a totally different set of people then you’d usually chill with. This posting would’ve been incomplete if I didn’t mention this. ‘Joining forces’ is what I’d label it and a joint night is absolute perfection. As your boy goes to do his thing with his buddies (whether that’s smoking butts, talking about other chicks in the bar or just grabbing drinks), you have the opportunity to embrace your independence and do your own thing with the girls. But at the end of the evening you know who you are leaving with and where your going. There’s a piece of mind that comes with this arrangement (along with a piece of…) And that’s all we have today folks.

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