Who are you Wearing?

“And who are you wearing tonight?” she asked me as she gave me the look over. I leaned into the microphone and said confidently “Romona Keveza.” We weren’t on the red carpet, but instead we were at an equally monumental event – the wedding of a fellow blonde, bronzed, twentysomething, now Mrs. friend of mine. And fine, no it wasn’t a microphone I leaned into, just a dangly earring wearing ear. But it may as well have been. In a room filled with beautiful looking, well decked out, cocktail-glass holding folks, it certainly seemed close enough. Gotta love a black tie affair, and a wedding at that. What can I say about weddings? They are the new in. Everyone who is anyone is getting married these days. Love is so hot right now (move over Hansel). Each new day brings out a new engagement announcement. You know how each weekend consists of you having another friends’ birthday on the itinerary to celebrate? Well move over birthdays, because weddings are taking over. With couples heading to the alter comes an engagement party, a stagette, an invitation, anticipation and ultimately, the big day: the wedding.

Think of all the recently wed and engaged couples in Hollywood. Think about all the recently wed and engaged friends of yours. Welcome to your twentysomethings ladies. Your friends will start dropping down like flies, if they haven’t yet already. And some faster than others (Khloe Kardashian, this one’s for you girl.) For some of you these engagement announcements may slightly have pushed your pressure button causing you to hint-up-a-storm to your significant other. Stop that – that’s what Jade did to Brody in the season finale of ‘The Hills’ and it totally ruined the natural process. Don’t threaten to leave your man if he doesn’t pop the line before (insert deadline here). Your friends lovey-dovey perfection with her other half is certainly no indication that you are ready to wear an eye-catching, hand weight-of-a-ring just yet. Perhaps the news of yet another couple biting the dust has made you frustrated that you haven’t yet found the one (Is he out there? Does he exist? How many more dates with sub-pars must you go on before you give up for good, you think to yourself.) Or maybe, just maybe you are in bliss over another romance – the sight of two people who so utterly and completely get one another and work well together. I am in the latter category. It seems as though some of my closest twentysomething friends have been married in the past six months or so, or have gotten engaged, and the positive energy I get from seeing these couples commit themselves to one another is like none other. Seriously. I watch chick-flicks exclusively for a reason.

Weddings really get me. The smile that forms across my face is so genuine, when I watch the groom eagerly await his bride marching down the aisle to the beat of his heart. Well this past wedding was no different. As I watched my blonde bride to be walk down the aisle, the expected tears of happiness filled my eyeliner rimmed eyes. Progress in life is so admirable and I couldn’t help but remember the first time she told me about her first date with him, unbeknownst to her at the time that that was her last first date; that he was her one.

It was such a blast getting ready for the event. It started off by me making a spontaneous yet necessary move to go back blonde in the early afternoon. After a short-stint as a brunette I realized that it just wasn’t meant to be. You know the saying blondes have more fun? Well I can definitely attest to that. My brunette counterpart was great, but it was time for my alter-blonde-ego to come out and play (and just in time for the holidays.) So I sat in the chair at my hair salon and partook in my bi-monthly gossip sesh with Anja, my insanely amazing hair colourist. Amazing as in she always impresses with me with the shades she chooses to do my hair in (and I actually trust her enough with my beloved hair that I let her make the call), her stories always keep me on my toes, and she pretty much knows everything about my social and dating life that you would think the salon seat was a confessional. Why is it that us women tend to open up so very much to our stylists and colourists? In any case, I had a relaxing afternoon and was totally happy with the outcome of my hair.

The thing about being invited to an event six weeks in advance, and on top of that, just knowing you’d be going to it for the past year, builds up a form of anticipation. The night was more fun than I ever expected for a wedding. With bottles of Bellevedere bottles and shot glasses on every table, I guess it was bound to be. That and the bride and groom who happened to get married just tend to be quite the fun couple to say the least.

Here are some images, as promised, of my dress, as well as the brides to die for Christian Louboutin sparkly pumps.

Here are some of the many celeb couples that tied the knot in 2009:

Last, but very not least, here is a picture from my friends’ wedding this weekend:


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