This is me, posting

I have so completely slacked on posting blogs as of late. Not in an intentional I-just-don’t-want-to-write kind of way, because if you’ve learned anything about me as of yet, you know that I have tons of inner thoughts constantly going on that I so need to share. But this week has been busy, complete with dinners starting at (roughly) 10:30 p.m.

Here’s a quick overview of my post-work week in review:

Night #1: Dinner date with myself (yes therefore, by myself)
Night #2: Hockey game with a cousin
Night #3: Mexican themed dinner with another cousin
Night #4: Baking for Blondes (creme brulee with torch)
Night #5: Family dinner (fashion show included…stay tuned) followed by fun times with friends

I will now provide some detail of each event, in hopes to promote a healthy lifestyle where one can balance time with their friends and themselves.

Detailed Summary of Said Events:

Night #1:

I took myself on a date. All day I was craving this amazing pasta. You know those days where you just crave carbs and you want to let yourself enjoy a whole carbilicious meal? That was me, circa the beginning of the week. I hopped into my car – so hating that the leather interior gets viciously cold in the winter – and headed midtown to an Italian restaurant. I walked in, head held high, and asked for a table for one. The non-judging server walked me to my table and I thought I’d warm up with a green tea. As I sipped my tea I studied the menu, even though I knew before I got there what I was going to order. I ordered myself a caprese salad and wasn’t shy with the bread basket. The bread basket and I are like two peas in a pod, like Thelma and Louise, Batman and Robin, salt and pepper. We go good together. When my penne a la vodka (aptly named Absolute penne) was delivered to my table. I saw the steam, I feared the heat, but I went for a bite; I’ve never been one to resist temptation. The inevitable tongue burn accorded, and I went on with my meal with my war wounds. My dinner experience took its course and I just sat there enjoying every sip, every bite, every ingredient that hit my mouth. I didn’t play on my Blackberry to ‘look busy’. I didn’t stare at the floor. I sat with confidence as I embraced just the meal I had been craving all day. Spending a night out alone takes courage, but once you do it becomes a concern of the past, opening up the opportunity to treat yourself when others might be busy. Set the bar high for yourself; reap the benefits.

Night #2

My sixteen year old cousin and I went to see a Toronto Maple Leaf game. My cousin is one of those cool sixteen year olds who, along with a bustling social life, knows how to have fun for the right reasons. We actually had so much fun together and made a joint decision at the beginning of third period to sit a talk up a storm with these two boys (one which happens to be a friend I hadn’t seen in three years) instead of heading back to our seats (with our awaiting jackets). We sat in the Platinum Lounge sharing stories and I was so impressed that she was able to carry a conversation and subtly flirt, without even knowing it. Prior this experience, we really savoured each intermission as much as we savoured the first two periods when our boys in blue were passing the puck on the ice. Second intermission entailed waiting in line at a hot dog stand. I know it sounds so un-blonde, bronzed, twentysomething for me to do, but I did it. The second I locked eyes with the hot dog stand sign, I knew I had to have the lettuce wrapped veggie dog. It happened to be shaped in a rectangle, which took a few bites to get into, but once I got the hang of it, it was perfection. We had a security guard by the name of Emilio take some made for Facebook photographs, and I couldn’t help but shout out ‘Emiiiiiilllliiiioooooooooo’ when we walked past him at the end of the evening. ‘Night at the Roxbury’ reference anyone? Needless to say, the Leafs won the game, we both won a slice of pizza, I reconnected with a friend and bonded with my baby cousin (yes, I know she’s sixteen and sixteen a baby don’t make, but she’s the youngest cousin I have so that label is not going anywhere – sorry Max).

Night #3:

Lately I’ve been cooking in-theme. One night Greek, another night Italian, but this night was all about Mexican. My typical jazz tunes were replaced with a mix-CD of various salsa-type songs. I brought two sombrero’s down to the kitchen table, lit a candle and started preparing the meal before my cousin (older sister of cousin in story above) arrived, beans in hand; my one request – when she asked the obligatory ‘what can I bring?’ question (likely hoping I would say something like ‘nothing, just yourself!) – was for her to bring a can of beans. When she arrived and we finally sat down to eat (at 10:30 pm), we had onion soup, chicken fajitas and beans. We sat in sombreros and did the typical what’s going on in your life kinda thing and enjoyed our Mexican music in our Mexicanish attire, while eating our Mexican food. Too bad a slacked as a hostess, no pinata in sight (sorry Laur).

Night #4:

After another late night at the office (don’t give me your sympathy, I – unlike many people – absolutely love my job) I decided to come home and unwind. I have a friend who just had a birthday and I decided to learn how to bake him his favourite dessert, creme brulee. I played around with the recipe instructions for 8 to adapt the recipe to be made my two. Call me blonde, call me what you will, but my mathematical skills are nearly non-existant, so after some struggling and guesstimating, I ended up with 1.5 creme brulee’s. I even got one of those tiny, terrifying, torches to torch the top of the dessert to harden the sugar. Bon appetit. I sample my creme brulee, I mean my half a creme brulee, and was conceitedly impressed with my skill. I sorta wanted to not tell my friend I made him one so I could enjoy it the next day, yeah, that good. I’m cocky, I know. I got into bed and fell asleep after my long day of work and another night in the kitchen.

Night #5:

Family dinner. I have an adorable niece and nephew who I love more than anything. I love them as if they were my own kids. They actually mean the world to me and I love spending time with them, playing around at our family dinners. This night was no exception. The little ones brought on the love, which in turn brought on my obvious happiness. A few of my family members know I have a fellow blondes wedding this weekend, and wanted to see the Romona Keveza I got for the event. I got all dolled up and headed into the kitchen in my party dress, and Louboutins. Seeing my nieces’ response when she saw my all dressed up was so heartwarming. The fashion show was a success. I love being the baby in my fam (youngest of three siblings), because I can do the fashion show thing in my twentysomethings and still get away with it. Shameless attention whore much?

Not a bad week if I do say so myself. Looking forward to reporting the details about my friends wedding, which I’ve been anticipating since I got the call one year ago today, that she was engaged. Congrats Meytal! Be sure to check out my blog tomorrow to see images from the event.

– Jenny Jen


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