Cooking in Heels

Tonight, I kept my heels on. And no, get your dirty little blonde mind out of the gutter, not in the bedroom, but instead in the kitchen. I enjoyed my commute home from work, listening to my Top 25 most played songs on my iPod. As I tapped my fingers on my steering wheel to the tunes, I daydreamed about my menu that I was about to transfer from the pages of my mind to actual food form when I arrived home.

Usually, when I get home, I change out of my work wear and slip into something a little more comfortable and casual. I’ve always wished I could be one of those women who come home, slip into a silk robe, and strut around my home feeling feminine and sexy. But those women may or may not only exist in the movies. One day, I’ll get the courage to be one. But in the interim (since I don’t live alone), I’ll stick to the basic sweatpants/t-shirt combo (sorry boys). Tonight however, I didn’t switch into my ‘Jenny Jen at home’ uniform. Instead, I decided to keep my work attire on (including my heels) as if I was on the set of ‘Young and the Restless’. There is something about my heels hitting the marble floor with each step, that makes my work in the kitchen seem more serious, professional and edgy. I dimmed the lights in the kitchen and put on ‘Dinner Jazz’, music played on my local Jazz radio station between 6-9pm catered to those who are dining with the radio on. I began to cook.

As I prepared my meal, I nibbled on a small plate of brie, garlic chips, and grapes. Ok fine, it wasn’t brie, but I did have that in my house. Instead, I cut up some light mini Babybell cheese. You know, that cheese the comes in the red wax? I OD’ed on brie on the weekend (I think I’ve told you I have a thing for cheese plates these days) and thought I’d tone things down and go easy on a Monday, calorie wise. All that was missing to accompany this mini taste of heaven was a glass of wine, but once again, it’s Monday so I poured some grape juice in a rounded, stem-free wine glass, fauxing this lavish lifestyle like there’s no tomorrow.

I made a salad dressing, that I was so looking forward to. The recipe is from Jade, a brunette, bronzed, twentysomething friend of mine who would give the Barefoot Contessa a run for her money. Every bite of Jade’s food is absolute pleasure. And after every bite I’m sure to tell her how pleasurable it is (there’s something about reassuring people that trains them to do things again and again, and when anythings that good, they’ll be told again and again just how good it is for that effect to take place, insuring future satisfaction). Again, I’m just talking about salad girls. In any case, since I live with a man, we only have salad as a side to our meals about trice monthly, so I always enforce pressure on Jade to make me salads. She always keeps me coming back for more. There is this one dressing that she puts together that I’ve always been in awe with. It wasn’t until I dyed my hair brown (or whatever shade its washed out to be now) that I actually realized I can make this recipe on my own. She Blackberry messaged me her infamous recipe, and I saved it on my Blackberry notes, so I would always have it on me. I’ll whisper this easy recipe in your ear at the end of todays posting. Stay tuned.

After my salad dressing was made, I squeezed some fresh lemon onto my awaiting chicken breast, carried my impressive long, white, mod-esque rectangular plate to the all-glass kitchen table and sat down. I lit a long, black candle, and enjoyed each bite over ‘Dinner Jazz’, candle light flashing across the kitchen walls. My heels were on the whole time and I think they brought this woman-of-the-house type feel to my evening. I mean we often come home, change into loose clothing, rush through meals and don’t take time to savour. I savoured tonight. I savoured the music. I savoured the relaxed lighting. I savoured each bite of my meal, and most importantly I savoured time on my own. Nowhere I needed to be. Nothing I needed to do. No rush. No priorities.

Us twentysomethings are always on the go. We tend not to take time to balance our lives with a mixture of work and play. I’ve been raised to balance the two and I think I’ve learned to add myself to into that balance. Call me a loner, but I was so looking forward to my date with myself tonight. So looking forward to it. So much so, that I was invited to go to a concert tonight, and I declined the tickets because I was anticipating a nice relaxing Monday evening. Last week was chaotic. I had the long weekend off for the American Thanksgiving and almost had too much time for play. It’s called balance for a reason. I mean fine dining and partying is all well and good, but when it’s done four evenings in a row it loses its spark (like anything else done consecutively).

Do you find yourself stuck behind your desk after hours, as you build more resentment and your ‘missed calls’ list fills up? Or do you find yourself out Wednesday – Saturday night, waking up hung over for work, promising yourself ‘last night was the last night’. Take time to do both. Balance it you blonde babe you. The emotionality that is twentysomething women, makes it natural for us to feel guilty taking time for ourselves, but it couldn’t lead to more happiness.

Keep your heels on and let your hair down once in a while. And while you’re at it, dare to cook this light, delicious dressing.

Jades ‘Make Him Want More’ Salad Dressing:

– oil
– vinegar
– 1 pack of sweet and low
– salt
– pepper

Optional Ingredients
– shallots
– feta cheese

Add almost equal parts of vinegar and oil to a bowl, but a bit more vinegar. Eyeball the dressing, I put pour enough vinegar and oil to serve two people. Add salt, a pinch of pepper and one pack of sweetener. Whisk ingredients together in a bowl.

Dice half a shallot or so and put it on top of your choice of lettuce with the salad dressing. Feel free to crumble some feta cheese on as well. Enjoy!

Since I know some of you like to get your daily dose of entertaining pictures, I’ve included a compilation of images of two celebs infamous for wearing heels, when they likely shouldn’t be: Victoria Beckham is known for wearing her high heels to the airport and little Suri Cruise who, at three years old, has multiple pairs of high heels.

– Jenny Jen


One thought on “Cooking in Heels

  1. You just gave away Janice's secret recipe!!! HAHAHA….its not very secret. so easy and so yum!!!! Janice should send you weekly recipes for your blog. I feel very special to have been mentioned by name in the usually nameless blog!Nothing could be cuter than the women in heels…as i scroll past the obvious Posh to come upon Suri Cruise …adoribleness……

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