A Prince in Plaid

Who pays for the bill? The man or the woman? It’s a first date, which the guy invited your hot ass on, and you have a great evening. You sit beneath the chandelier in a cozy little booth, and laugh over a bottle of wine and great conversation. The bill comes, now what?

Ladies, this is a controversial question. Although most girlfriends of mine say they do the whole offering thing, some are very strong to say they shouldn’t offer at all and if that offends date boy, then he is not a gentleman. The consensus either way seems to be that the guy should pay, whether or not the girl offers to split it. It sets the tone and says a lot about who he is and how he was raised, dependant on his response to the bill being placed on the table.

Ever notice where waiters place the bill? When out with girlfriends, the waiter will place the bill in the center of the table, however, if there is a girl and guy together, the bill is placed in front of the guy. And sorry I need to not pretend it’s just about first dates – I’m sort of referring to the whole courting process. Money has sort of become this tool used to show you are investing in someone. Whether it be for a slice of Tiramisu, a glass of vino, or a whole meal of food, us women tend to feel as though the guy should take matters into his own hands.

People are funny with money. There have been various television episodes based on who pays for the bill, how it is split (if split), etc. On last weeks episode of ‘The City’, Whitney Port, the shows lead, is on a blind date with a guy. As the bill arrived, she didn’t offer to pay. He studied the bill awkwardly for some time and then said “Lets join forces”. Cue laughter. The worst is when the bill comes, and the guy looks at it as if there is a ‘Where’s Waldo’ scene on the bill and the grand prize for finding Waldo is 10 grand.

So ladies – care to share your horror stories with men and money? I’ve gotten many requests to write a piece on money. Let’s just say that I’ve been on both ends of the spectrum. I’ve had nights consisting of $300 dinners, and I’ve had nights of splitting the bill down the middle after the guy was taking me out on a first date to make up for the original first date he cancelled.

Do we still want a prince? Or have we gotten used to too many princes dressed down in plaid?


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