Does Louis Vuitton Make a Lunch Bag?

I stepped out of my car and put my classic Louis Vuitton ‘Alma’ purse on my arm. I caught my reflection in my car window – yeah, I said it…we all do it, no need to pretend otherwise – and started walking towards my office, happy about my work-chic wear. That’s when it hit me, I left my lunch in the car, sitting on my passenger seat in a Pusateri’s plastic bag. I walked back to to grab my lunch bag and once holding it, I thought my purse lost its touch. The Pustateri’s bag is the best of the plastic bag options, since its black. But that being said, my arm is sharing holding space for it with my Louis. This my friends, is nothing short of a travesty. It was in this moment that I wondered, does Louis Vuitton make a lunch bag?

After doing a google search, I found out that LV doesn’t dabble in the lunch bag area. I felt disappointed and knew I’d have to make a mission to find a classy lunch bag for the office – or as classy as a lunch bag can be. My mission took place on my MacBook; I did a google search for ‘trendy lunch bags’, and came across some utterly adorable little lunch bags. The kicker is that most are insulated, which sure beats a plain old plastic bag. There are tons of cute looks and I’ve selected a few to show for you.

Below, is the KOKO Kate Lunch Bag in Brown. The thing I love about the Kate bag is the fact that it’s actually incredibly cute. I never thought i’d hear those words uttered from my mouth (or typed by my fingertips!) but alas, it is so. This insulated bag has a hot or cold retentive interior. The thermal interior is water and stain resistant, which is perfect for me since my watermelon Tupperware always seems to splash and stick its way over the inside of my Pusateri’s bag.

Now check out this next hot little number. Below is the Vy & Elle lunch bag made of vinyl recycled billboards on the front and back? How totally captivating. I actually have a thing for this one. I think it’s unique. Talk about setting a new tone for the office lunch bag. Oh and get this, it has an adjustable body strap with 1′ black nylon webbing. A definite statement piece.

Lastly, is this lime green Metro Basket by Picnic Time, is a kitschy play on the picnic basket. This picnic basket-like tote for one has a waterproof interior and expandable drawstring top. Expandable is key, especially when you’re packing a big salad in a too big for words Tupperware. This bag comes in a variety of colours.

With these options, I can now be assured that I can avoid the embarrassment of the plastic lunch bag that so obviously threatens the Louis, and I can now use something that plays with the tone of the workplace. They can be purchased online, simply just copy and paste the name of the lunch bag into google, and find the price that works best for you, since they are sold on the Ebay’s and Kaboodles of the www world.

My next lunch issue is grocery shopping. So here’s the deal: On Monday evening I go to the grocery store and guesstimate my appetite for the week. The pressure is on as I try to get just the right amount of food and snacks to last for the five day work week. Once I get home from grabbing everything, I end up wanting/craving/anticipating the various selections I chose. The night of my shopping trip is my night of lost control, always. There’s this pressure thing going on where I have all these amazing fresh fruits and baked goods and I’m concerned it will go bad before I’ve had a chance to get my hands on it. So night 1 I’m essentially snacking the night away.

This past week was a huge success. As I prepared my final work week lunch on Friday morning, I finished the last piece of turkey, the last slice of pepper, the last 100 calorie snack pack (you get my point here). Victory, I thought (as I pictured Johnny Drama.) I adequately guesstimated my food intake for the week. No leftovers. No moldy bread, no moldy fruit, no gone-brown avocados. I found it full heartedly pathetic when a girlfriend asked to meet me for a post-work drink and light dinner on Queen west one night after work, and I said no, rejecting the offer with full knowledge that I have a full fridge at home with ingredients just waiting to be mixed together to compose my dinner.

Tomorrow is grocery shopping night and I’m going to make effort to not feel the burn of the overpacked fridge. Instead I’d like to have a more laissez faire attitude towards it, and a cute little lunch bag to pack my food for the day in. Bon appetite.

– Jenny Jen

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