The Bachelorette

The evite made its way into my over-crowded inbox, and caught my eye immediately as I scrolled my hazel eyes down the screen. The caption wasn’t what caught my eye, it was the knowingness of what this night will entail. ‘Stagette’ it read, with a ‘save the date’ to follow. For the past month I’ve been looking forward to the stagette, held for a fellow blonde, bronzed, twentysomething very good friend of mine. She’s one of those brides who wants to tamely celebrate her ‘last night of single hood’ with class, elegance and laughter with her closest girls. Considering my only friends who have gotten engaged and married thus far are my guy friends, I’ve missed out on these bachelorette parties i’ve hear oh-so-much about.

My friend made it very clear that she didn’t want any penises (penis straws, penis cake, male strippers, etc) involved in her night. Instead, we got a sleek, white limo bus to take the lucky number thirteen of us down to one of Toronto’s finest restaurants, ‘Noto Bene.’ Over a bottle of Moet (compliments of the groom), we toasted the bride, to a night of class, and no ass. I kid, I kid. We toasted the beautiful bride to be on her upcoming nuptuals, before digging in to the deliciousness on our plates, which, by the way, were placed down in front of all thirteen of us at the exact same time. As each course was delivered, I became more entertained with the proper process of being served, than I was with the fact we were being watched by many diners in the restaurant. A table of twentysomething ladies is always sure to get a double look. The prix fixe menu is something I admire. Always have, always will. I’m not fond of decision making, especially when I have a long list of tempting offerings on a well constructed menu in my freshly manicured hands. So having three options for three courses to select from, makes my dining experience flow smoothly, with ease (a prix fixe menu with a matching wine tasting menu is my secret fantasy, but thats for another posting).

I was overly impressed with my selections, and every melt in my mouth bite was better than the last. I’ve got a soft spot for dessert, so when I finished my molten cake, I couldn’t help but flirt with the apple crumble. It did its job and I left the restaurant hand in hand with my girly whose tying the knot, completely satisfied.

The limo took us to our next destination, Yuk Yuks. We laughed over vodka soda’s, and all and all, the night was a perfect one. No sloshed up bride with regrets to be known upon her wake up. No naughty pictures to be concerned about making there way onto Facebook. Just good times with good friends, and a clear head to celebrate such a monumental moment in our friends’ life.

The wedding is in one month and I cannot hardly wait.

Bachelorette Parties of Other Blonde, Bronzed, Twentysomethings

Kendra Wilkinson celebrated hers at Guy’s nightclub in Hollywood

Christina Aguielera had a four-day celebration with her girlfriends in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Photo by: Meg Smith

Britney Spears and her crew celebrated her last night of singlehood at the Fairmont Hotel in Santa Monica


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