I’m a news junkie. Whenever I’m in my room, my TV is always on channel 33, CNN. Today was an extremely long day. 8 hours at work followed by an almost four hour dinner at Barbarians, a steak house in Toronto, where I had incredible wine, champagne, caesar salad and steak. That being said, a smile formed across my face when I caught side of the time on the clock, as I pulled onto my driveway. Midnight. My eyes lit up, knowing that I have made it home just in time to catch my boy Larry King, on the Pacific Standard Time showing of Larry King Live. Yeah, I know, takes a lot to make me happy…

So I change out of my sequinned black dress, and throw on an ivory, silk pair of pajamas from Victoria Secret, as I get into bed and turn on my TV, with channel 33 already on. I’m exhausted and plan to forego my blog entry for the day. But something changed. That something was fellow blonde, bronzed, twentysomething, dethroned Miss California USA Carrie Prejean, being totally awkward, a horrible interview subject and an embarassment to watch, on tonights show. I was looking forward to her interview, thinking that it would be a great success for her to come onto Larry King Live, defend herself for all the issues surrounding her for the past seven months (from the backlash of her answer to Perez’s ‘legalizing same sex marriage’ question, to which she expressed that she found it unnatural – to word that there’s a ‘sex’ tape of her, by herself, which she sent to her boyfriend at the time) and to clear her name.

Her name has been constantly criticized, as is her character. She was essentially dethroned back in June 2009, for breaching her contract agreement. At the time, media portrayed her as someone who was extremely difficult to work with. I remember reading those articles and feeling sorry for her and being disappointed in the media for doing such seemingly one-sided reporting. I felt as though her side of the story has gone untold. But she did a good job telling her side tonight, while on Larry’s show to promote her new book (the title will go unmentioned in a boycott kinda way), which ironically is about what she’s gone through the past year. I say ironic, because she spent the entire interview avoiding Larry King’s questions. She laughed awkwardly many times, likely out of nerves. I felt uncomfortable watching this interview. Larry King, one of the top interviewers out there, tried time and time again to get the answers all the viewers wanted. Essentially – at least at first – he was there to hold her hand and help her clear her name. If she wasn’t going to answer any of the questions, and was just using the show to promote her book, she shouldn’t have agreed to do the show. Not only did she tell Larry a number of times that he’s being inappropriate (and by inappropriate she was referring to the fact that he asked her questions about the Sex tape settlement she came to, a settlement which occurred today, which is a major news story. Totally not inappropriate.) She took off her mic, said she was leaving, again told Larry he was being inappropriate, and then when he changed the direction of the interview and took a call from a caller, she was about to walk out. CNN producers likely came in on Larry’s earpiece and told him to go to commercial, which he did, and when the show returned, we see Carrie (a smile plastered on her face all the while) saying my publicist told you I won’t accept any callers. I encourage you to watch the clip below, cue in to the 57 second mark:

Larry King = one of the top journalists. Carrie Prejean = totally inappropriate. I felt as though it was so disrespectful of this twenty-two year old. Larry King is one of the best in the biz. I always like to give people the benefit of the doubt, but little miss EX-USA has really dug her own ditch. If you’ve watched her mockery of an appearance, but be sure to give some feedback on my blog on your thoughts.

If I were Larry King, I would’ve asked her to leave. I’m shocked he apologized to her. I’m shocked CNN went to commercial. I’m shocked the media was so accurate with how they have described her as a difficult person over the past number of months. Perhaps I’m biased due to my love and respect for Larry King. I have my Bachelor of Journalism, and King is pretty much my idol (alongside the other great, Barbra Walters). I’m angry with the way this interview went. I felt it was important to express my disappointment and disgust for someone who – as a guest on someones show – would be so disrespectful.

Since I spent four years in University learning how to report, how to interview others, and spending hands on time in the field, I have a knack for seeing whether a certain celeb is a good interview subject, or bad. The bad ones are change-the-channel bad:

– awkward laugh to fill in the uncomfortable silence/avoid answering ‘tough’ or ‘touchy’ questions
– one word answers, giving the interviewer nothing to work with
– rehearsed, written by their publicist kind of answers, making them un-intriguing and too much of a product than a person
– inappropriate, un put together answers, making them seem raw and unkept

I have a list of people whom I would never want to interview, who encompass all of the negative interviewee traits on the list above. But i’ll fill you in tomorrow. Let me know your thoughts on the clip.

– Jenny Jen


2 thoughts on “CNN Jen

  1. I watched the clips on YouTube because I didn't catch it live, and I initially did feel sorry for her because I felt she was judged for having an opinion. I am FOR gay marriage rights, but I also am for people being able to have their own opinions and not being attacked for it. I agree with you- she shouldn't have done the show if she didn't want to talk about the settlement. She could have said "we decided to settle because I wanted to put this all past me and move on" that would have at least been an answer.

  2. Great blog Jenny Jen, I love it!Why would anyone buy her book and read what she has to say if she won't even answer one simple little question? Did she write her book? Wow. That was unbelievable. She is one seriously ignorant person. I watched the 3 minute clip on CNN of the interview, and it is jaw-dropping in its level of ridiculousness. Also, what did she think Larry was going to ask her about? Her day? Last vacation? That was infuriating.

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