Date Night

Let me start off by saying, that I will be releasing a piece of writing on Remembrance Day that I’m so looking forward to sharing. It’s a song I wrote at the beginning of April and I can’t wait to get some feedback. So make sure to put a reminder either in your Blackberry calendar, or on a post it so you don’t miss it.

So lets talk about the weekend. Saturday night is what I’ve learned to call date night. Growing up, my parents always made Saturday night their date night; their night to go out either with each other or with another couple, to a nice restaurant, to relax with good conversation and a fabulous bottle of wine. I remember watching my mom get ready for date nights. She always put together such great outfits and paired them with the perfect shoes. As I’d watch her, and banter with her about the restaurant of choice, I would imagine the day when I’d get to have date nights of my own.
The day has come. But for me, date nights aren’t defined by having a date with a charming gent, but instead, they are defined by having a girlfriend by my side. This is date night, girls night out edition. An edition that has been a frequent in my twentysomethings. Arranging it is pretty standard: Pick a friend. Pick a spot. Pick an outfit. I’m a total girly girl. I love the whole process of getting dolled up for a night on the town. I tend to aim for restaurants with a trendy, upscale vibe so my outfit can follow suit. Something with dimmed lighting is key. I fall prey ever-so-often, picking a restaurant for its atmosphere, as opposed to selecting it for the menu. Though I have a favourite date night spot, which I frequent, I always love new suggestions to challenge my pallet.
Allow me to back track for a moment. Spuntini. My favourite Italian restaurant in the city. This is ‘my place.’ When in doubt, I go to Spuntini. When I crave a chilled glass of wine, a chic crowd, great service, dim lighting, and an out-of-this-world meal of food, I go to Spuntini and call it a night. Everything from their outstanding cheese menu (I never thought I’d refer to cheese as outstanding in my twentysomethings, but it really is to die for), to their entrees, to their dessert, to Jonathan, world class waiter/waiter extraodanare, I am never left disappointed.
I walk in on a Saturday night and the place is always lined up out the door. But that doesn’t concern me, as I’m always sure to place a reso well in advance. I sit at the bar at the front and sip on a glass of wine, while I wait for my table to be ready. The great thing about being a regular somewhere, is that they get to know what you like, what you don’t like, and what you don’t know you like. Jonathan always fills my cup with a white wine of his choice. I’m always impressed by the selection. Once the table is ready, I sit in anticipation. I just know my friend of choice – for any date night – will fall head over heels in infatuation with Spuntini. The Fettucini Spuntini is my favourite dish. It’s not on the menu any longer, but the chef is always willing to make it up for you upon request, a sign of how warm this place actually is. I start with a divine caprese salad, called Buffalo Mozeralla – featuring the freshest, creamiest, moan worthy cheese. From there, I dabble with the Fettucini Spuntini, but have also had the Veal, which is to die for. Dessert and apéritifs’ are always in order. I don’t consider my dinners there just a dinner. I consider my dinners there an evening. I highly recommend it. Check out for more information.
I sit here as I debate, do I go to my date spot, or do I venture to my hipster twentysomething friend Nicki’s spot? Nicki has got it. You know that it that I’m talking about? She’s the one friend of mine who is cutting edge. She’ll take me to places that I never even knew existed. We’re friends from University, the epitome of Sorority Sisters. I love going out with her and catching up. Which we always do over drinks. Either way, I’m looking forward to tonights date whether we go to her place or mine.
Just like I watched my mom get dolled up, I now get to take ahold of this role. Once a restaurant is chosen and I go on my way, I enjoy a stress free evening, open to what’s yet to come. Saturday night date night is totally in fashion, and it’s not going out of style anytime soon.
– Jenny Jen

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