The Snooze Button

With the last weekend in October, comes the gain of an hour in time. At 2am, it suddenly becomes 1am, and we get to relive an extra hour. As our internal clock struggles to adjust to this time shift, it’s still just as hard to get up when the alarm sounds, whether we’ve gained an extra hour or not.
The snooze button is one of my favourite interests. As I set my alarm before bed, I am always certain to give myself ample snooze button buffer time. At first I’d give myself an additional ten minutes prior to the desired wake up time. This would allow me nine minutes to fall back into a power nap, before having to start my day for good. These nine minutes came with a sense of control and relief. I would wake up to hear the dreaded sound of the alarm, wishing I could rest more, and then it would click, ‘Wait a minute, of course you can rest more! And by pressing this ribbed button your fantasy can become a reality.’ I became hooked on this realization. After the nine minute snooze button interval, I’d wake up (for the second time that morning) feeling lucky; I was able to get extra sleep. But then I got accustomed to the snooze button, and like a fiend, one hit was never enough. I needed more. I started setting my alarm 20 minutes in advance to when I needed to wake up, followed by 30 minutes, and it brings me great pain to admit, that I am now a one hour before desired wake up snooze button junky.
My name is Jenny Jen and I am a snoozeaholic.
Some of you may wake up to the alarm, breathing in the air of a new day, and saunter out of bed ready to get ready for the day. Some of you may wait until the very last minute possible to set your alarm for, knowing you need the pressure of the last minute desired alarm time to push your lazy self out of bed and into rush mode to get to your morning destination of choice. Perhaps some of you are just like me and have grown a comfort in the idea that each minute is a gift, and we can embrace the opportunity to get some more sleep, nine minutes at a time.
Are you a snoozeaholic? What are your thoughts on the snooze button? It’s always interesting to hear stories from couples, one who is pro snooze, the other partner who is against snooze. It’s almost like couples who support different political parties. Always an area of tension and discomfort.
Happy Sleeping.
– Jenny Jen

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