What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas, Including my Blackberry

My Blackberry and I have one of those I-can’t-live-without-you kinda relationships going on. After losing my very first Blackberry a number of years ago, I swore to myself that I would back up my phone on a weekly basis. One of the luxuries of owning a Blackberry is the option to back up all your contacts, emails, messages, notes, etc. directly onto your computer, so you can re-load that information onto your phone if anything happens to it.

The night before I left for Vegas, I backed up my baby. I felt great knowing that all my information is safe and sound on my computer, just in case. Less than 24 hours later, my Blackberry went missing. Sure – it was unfortunate to have lost it. I lost it at Tao, and had security scouring the place for it in the early a.m. During my five day stay, I was in touch with security, constantly checking in to see if my phone had emerged, to no avail. But during this process, I had piece of mind. I knew it was only a matter of spending money to replace the lost Blackberry, and that everything saved on it was waiting for me at home on my computer, to be reloaded onto my soon-to-be replaced phone. I had piece of mind knowing that my Blackberry was protected by a lock, and if someone found the phone, they wouldn’t be able to access my stuff. If I were writing a Mastercard commercial, my point here would be, piece of mind = priceless.
I’m a writer and use the ‘notes’ feature on Blackberry multiple times a day. Anytime I get an idea for a story, a good line for a song, a paragraph of poetry, or anything of the kind, I bust out my favourite little tool, and let my thumbs type away. I have hundreds of notes saved in the notes section of my phone. Sure, I could’ve been more responsible with keeping my eye it, but at least I felt good about being responsible with backing it up. I contacted Rogers and had my phone service put on hold the following day, so no one can place any calls from my phone. I came home and ordered a new phone, after I finally accepted the fact that I wasn’t getting it back (with all endings there always tends to be a one-week denial period).
Tune in to today. When I went into my media section of my Blackberry, I realized I couldn’t access my media card. I figured it must have loosened up inside my phone, so I shut it off and took out the battery to make sure my media card was safely put back in. When I put my battery back in the phone, the white loading screen came up. It remained up for over an hour, without the phone turning on. ‘Jenny Jen, we have a problem,’ said my thoughts, as I tried to recall when my phone was last backed up.
It doesn’t feel amazing, knowing I lost a months worth of work, not knowing my weekly schedule or what functions and upcoming events I’ve committed to. At least I still have my actual Blackberry. I have the opportunity to upload new software to my phone. I end up losing everything since my last backup session. But, it could be worse I suppose. I could have had an another $1000+ bill from Rogers for calls made at 3am to Cuba, courtesy of the Blackberry Bandit the night my phone went missing in Vegas.
So what’s the deal? Am I too reliant on Blackberry? Or would my dependency be ok, so long as I took the few minutes a week to back it up? Do you back up your Blackberry?
It’s a process that takes just a few minutes, and places your mind at ease. There is no reason why we shouldn’t be uploading it. Think of how many Blackberry’s you’ve gone through. Or cell phones, or iPhones, what ever is your gadget of choice. I’m sure the list, and the reasons for it are shameful. Help reduce those feelings of shame.
How to Backup Your Blackberry

Click this link and follow the directions. Make sure you click on the appropriate option based on whether you have a Mac or a PC. I promise you – once the initial download is done, you will be so happy you took the time: http://na.blackberry.com/eng/services/desktop/
Jenny Jen’s Track Record with Blackberry’s

– dropped in hot tub
– lost during a girls night out before making it to the bar
– the roller fell out of the phone, and was sent a new one
– software malfunction where the screen kept typing in letters and numbers, even though no keys were being touched
– cracked screen
– stolen in Vegas
– software malfunction
Blonde Bronzed Twentysomething Celebs Who Are Addicted to their Blackberry’s

Please, do not become a Blackberry victim of losing all your information and contacts. If the deed has already been done, and you too you have lost your pride and joy, please share your mishaps with the rest of us. I know a number of you girls have had your fair share of havoc.
– Jenny Jen

2 thoughts on “What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas, Including my Blackberry

  1. I ❤ my Blackberry. I am too paranoid to ever let it out of my sight. At work, it is on my desk, at the gym- in a clutch…I take with me, when I'm out- in a clutch that I hang onto like I'm hanging on for dear life.

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